Tara's Hang-up Free Zone!

7 ratings since posting on Sunday, July 10, 2005
Tara's Hang-up Free Zone!
in Indianapolis
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good info on a positive subject - Larry , posted 10/30/05
Nobody should miss this site!!
TaraTainton.com contains not only a wealth of fascinating sexual information, but the clever observations, wit, charm and sexy personality of Tara herself. From her 'Trysts' to her 'Sexy Scoop' and 'Sizzling Links', there is much here to keep both men and women "clicking their mice" for hours! It is prominently placed in my bookmarks, and is without a doubt one of my favorite sites! - Angelle , posted 08/06/05
Interesting ... !
Tara's Hang-up Free Zone ROCKS! I visited it and had a blast. I was there for almost an hour! Thanks Tara!
Mike ("Michael") Joel - Unsubscribed , posted 07/19/05
Tara is Terrific
As leader of the Playgirl Posse, a group of liberated and sexually adventurous women who support Playgirl magazine, I am honored to count Tara Tainton among my members. She is an amazing intellect who also shows wit and compassion, and her website presents a complete, enticing view of sensuality and modern womanhood. I am endlessly proud of Tara. - Megan , posted 07/19/05
Tara's tops!
Tara Tainton's site is chock full of interesting links, comments, diary entries and sex advice. But Tara's far more than the sum of her parts, it's the breezy, seductive way she writes and the on-line persona she's created. You immediately feel as if you've known her for years (how intimately I'll leave to your imagination), and you're absolutely comfortable with anything she says or does. - W. S. , posted 07/18/05
A beauty
Honest, open and opinions. taratainton.com has to be one of the best sites around. It's worth reading every day with two blogs continually being written. Some fun and interesting stories and a few good ideas for fun sex. Tara's favourite subject may be sex but that doesn't stop her giving her readers glimpses into her more private life with the odd entry from her personal journals.

Tara's a fun person to know and her site reflects that. - Unsubscribed , posted 07/18/05
Your Sex-Positive Playground
I couldn't find a website that reflected my own views on freedom, my level of open-mindedness, and all-encompassing sex-positivity. So I created my own! And everyone's invited...

Sex is GOOD: healthy, natural, and downright enlightening. Help me spread the word.

Recommend your own favorite communities, erotic writers, causes, and advocates. Join in the ever-changing and provocative discussion in the honest and positive blogs updated daily while enjoying fresh erotic photography and art, sexy games, unique and honest topics, and everything else we can find to tease the senses.

Welcome to THE fastest growing, intellectually, visually, and physically stimulating sandbox for consenting adults!

Share with me so we can both evolve together and take full advantage of the beautiful world we live in through every moment and possible experience.

See you soon! - Tara , posted 07/18/05
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